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3 December, 2013Deep Within, We Want it All3324

Brenda Hoffman

14 December, 2013Don't compare2055

Ann Albers

17 December, 2013Embracing Silence2846

Wayne W. Dyer

3 December, 2013Energy Forecast - The Completion of An 11-Year Cycle 11446

Emmanuel Dagher

20 December, 2013Energy Report for December 2013 3832

Spirit Pathways

29 December, 2013Fine Feathers Or Ruffled: January's Capricorn New Moon 4515

Lynda Hill

14 December, 2013Freezing Or Frying... Heading Into New Territory Yet Again: December's Gemini Full Moon4811

Lynda Hill

1 December, 2013Galactic Energy3940

Oakbridge University

15 December, 2013Give This One Thing Up For The Holidays, You May Find Magic. 2446

Cheryl Richardson

10 December, 2013Grab Your Emotional Star Power4642

Brenda Hoffman

27 December, 2013Happy New Beginnings! 4833

Neale Donald Walsch

15 December, 2013Heavenletter #4769 Free Will for All 2421


18 December, 2013Heavenletter #4772 An Embracing Peace2435


1 December, 2013How to Get Santa to Deliver3327

Alan Cohen

9 December, 2013How to Make Worry Your New Best Friend95

Cheryl Richardson

13 December, 2013I Am Losing My Mind Galactic Ascension Symptoms Alert 33317485

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

2 December, 2013If You Think You're Not an Artist, Think Again102

Cheryl Richardson

17 December, 2013Join the Sparkle Fest2569

Brenda Hoffman

7 December, 2013Look For Good1346

Ann Albers

29 December, 2013Magnify Your 2014 Potentials with Jan. 1 Super Moon18516


23 December, 2013Mastering Receiving – Key Preparation for 20147908


1 December, 2013Merging Love Within Your Life2785

Goddess Light

23 December, 2013Merry NEW Holidays to Us2641

Brenda Hoffman

2 December, 2013Monthly Astro-Forecasts December 20134985

Sarah-Jane Grace

10 December, 2013Move Back to Love1333

Wayne W. Dyer

15 December, 2013Moving Into 201414150


28 December, 2013New Moon Report, 1.1.14: Emphasis, Trust and the Good Foot!7340

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

22 December, 2013One Thing To Remember on Christmas2068

Cheryl Richardson

7 December, 2013Opening the Gifts of Love 1783

Circle of Light

12 December, 2013Our New Play-Doh Reality3456

Dana Mrkich

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