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29 April, 2013You’re Don’t Need to Return to Battle Trenches4548

Brenda Hoffman

9 April, 2013Feeling Stuck in this New Cycle? 4630

Dana Mrkich

24 April, 2013Cosmic Weather: Full Moon in Scorpio – Vision, Gold mining & the Glittering Prize4640

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

10 April, 2013Kindness Dominos4737

David R. Hamilton PhD

25 April, 2013April 25 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse4760

Dana Mrkich

27 April, 2013Your Future Starts Now4772

Ann Albers

2 April, 2013Combat Toxic Energy & Rejuvenate Your Emotional Life 4801

Dr. Judith Orloff

16 April, 2013Feeling at Home on Earth4890

Jeshua Channelings

1 April, 2013The Secret Voice5045

Alan Cohen

23 April, 2013Looking Towards the Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 25th April5213

Starchild Global

15 April, 2013Moving into our Power 5241

Dana Mrkich

23 April, 2013It Is Not Fate versus Freewill, It Is Fate and Freewill5276

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 April, 2013Meteors - The Seeds of Life 5489


19 April, 2013Hold On To Your Vision and Make it Your Reality5539

Wayne W. Dyer

25 April, 2013The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of April 25, 2013 5601

Kara Schallock

20 April, 2013Pushing Forward - An Energy Adjustment5611

Karen Downing

23 April, 2013The Eclipses: God Time 5680

Dana Mrkich

8 April, 2013April 2013 Monthly Visions: Living in the Waves of a new Ocean5828

Dana Mrkich

17 April, 2013Why You Can’t Connect With Some5969

Brenda Hoffman

9 April, 2013Why You’re Afraid to Claim Your Power6220

Brenda Hoffman

7 April, 2013Everything is Opening: DNA, Time, Ancient Cultures6524
3 April, 2013Your DNA is Unfolding6583

Brenda Hoffman

26 April, 2013Transformational Eclipse Cycle Leading to a New Template for Life6810

Sarah Biermann

26 April, 2013Brief Messages from The Star Elders7202

Center of the Sun

5 April, 2013Uranus/Pluto Square (2013 – 2015): Daring to Dream & Taking The Veil7240

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

1 April, 2013Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 20137348

Sarah-Jane Grace

22 April, 2013The New Earth Energies April 20137660

Starchild Global

18 April, 2013Being The Bridge To The New Earth7663

Jeshua Channelings

17 April, 2013Changing Your Past, Recreating Your Future - Part Two8361

Jim Self

9 April, 2013Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities 8366

Dana Mrkich

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