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24 May, 2013Secret of Happy Relationships4203

Neale Donald Walsch

8 May, 2013Restoring The Male and Female Energies In The Body8337

Jeshua Channelings

7 May, 2013Pushing Boundaries14355

Sarah-Jane Grace

26 May, 2013Post Spring Eclipse Season 2013: Life in the “Soft Spot”5274

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

2 May, 2013Opening to Your Multidimensional Presence as Identity6402
15 May, 2013November Harvest ~ Re-seeding Planet Earth8316


8 May, 2013New Moon/Solar Eclipse of May 9/10 10485

Kara Schallock

1 May, 2013Monthly Astrological Overview: May 2013213

Sarah Varcas

1 May, 2013Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 20135829

Sarah-Jane Grace

6 May, 2013May 2013: Passage to Expansive Freedom6571
15 May, 2013May 2013 Monthly Visions Part 2: The Disconnection prior to the New Connection 9594

Dana Mrkich

15 May, 2013May 2013 Monthly Visions Part 1: Intensification and Polarisation 8981

Dana Mrkich

1 May, 2013May 2013 Is a Very Powerful Time - Don't Miss it!10632

Era of Peace

3 May, 2013May 2013 Energy Forecast - After Fear, Intimacy6608

Lee Harris

7 May, 2013Managing The Pace And Grounding The Vision: May's Solar Eclipse in Taurus4054

Lynda Hill

23 May, 2013Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Freedom and Power8095

Dana Mrkich

23 May, 2013Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: 25th May 2013653

Sarah Varcas

5 May, 2013Living as Light Transforms Your Relationships8563
12 May, 2013Learn What Every Good Mother Does To Make Herself Happy and Whole2122

Cheryl Richardson

27 May, 2013Learn How One Person, Committed to Consciousness, Can Change The Planet3827

Cheryl Richardson

25 May, 2013Keeping One's Counsel Versus Letting It all Out: May's Partial Lunar Eclipse3973

Lynda Hill

27 May, 2013How to Access the Momentum of Ascending Energy8808
12 May, 2013How The Shift Will Happen547

Owen Waters

5 May, 2013How Karma Works550

Owen Waters

27 May, 2013Here to Change the World 4392


27 May, 2013Heavenletter #4567 As You Are2237


20 May, 2013Heavenletter #4560 Easy-Going Is the Path3682


14 May, 2013Heavenletter #4554 The Children of God’s DNA2938


19 May, 2013Heart Emotions –The Higher Path5543

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

14 May, 2013Going Higher and Higher4847

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

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