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30 July, 2013Leo 2013 Solar Guidance1850

Karmic Tools

30 July, 2013Letting Go of Worry, Letting in a Solution4911

Dana Mrkich

23 July, 2013Letting Go of Your Final 3D Safety Net6369

Brenda Hoffman

15 July, 2013Lion's Gate Initiation - The Next Level of Spiritual Awakening20081

Shanta Gabriel

27 July, 2013Love Yourself Where You're At2518

Ann Albers

23 July, 2013Manifesting and 'Positive Thinking'3045

Dana Mrkich

1 July, 2013Monthly Astro-Forecasts July 20137196

Sarah-Jane Grace

2 July, 2013New Lightworkers’ Clearing is Less Intense5872

Brenda Hoffman

21 July, 2013Open To Your Crystalline Hologram4048

Goddess Light

16 July, 2013Passing Through Present-Time6702

Jim Self

4 July, 2013Planting The Seeds Of Knowledge and Life: The Cancer New Moon3154

Lynda Hill

15 July, 2013Relish Your Uniqueness – You’re a Master of the Universes3028

Brenda Hoffman

5 July, 2013Self-Empowerment and Self-Love5417

Kara Schallock

16 July, 2013Sirian Universal Merkabah, Consciousness & Heaven on Earth7943

Kara Schallock

22 July, 2013Sirius Rising 2013: From Star Heart to Earth Heart8179

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

12 July, 2013Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 20134413

Nancy Leilah Ward

26 July, 2013Spiritual Amnesia?304

Neale Donald Walsch

11 July, 2013Spiritual Quicksand3852

Sarah-Jane Grace

4 July, 2013Thank You Thursday: Contrast2219

Hillis Pugh

7 July, 2013The Choices You Make3442

Goddess Light

3 July, 2013The Energies of July 20134139

Jamye Price

15 July, 2013The Expanding Heart ~ You Have Landed!5834


22 July, 2013The Great Mystery of You5491
16 July, 2013The Healing of The Holy Grail Within5240

Center of the Sun

14 July, 2013The Inspiration of Humanity3389

Owen Waters

19 July, 2013The Lighthouse of The Soul2506

Sarah-Jane Grace

12 July, 2013The Naked Truth326

Neale Donald Walsch

9 July, 2013The New Earth Energies July/August 201313375

Starchild Global

7 July, 2013The Path to Oneness1807

Owen Waters

16 July, 2013The Soul Is Destined To Expand3533

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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