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29 August, 2013The Codes for New Life Awakening on Earth8189

Shanta Gabriel

9 August, 2013The Chief Problem Facing Humanity Today180

Neale Donald Walsch

23 August, 2013The Beginning of Freedom8211

Eckhart Tolle

1 August, 2013Thank You Thursday: Hope and Trust2435

Hillis Pugh

27 August, 2013Teaching Your Parents3908

Jeshua Channelings

24 August, 2013Synchronicity - The Way It Works14175


20 August, 2013Strut Your Stuff4179

Brenda Hoffman

12 August, 2013Spring Cleaning Time3729

Dana Mrkich

25 August, 2013Riding the Wave9250


26 August, 2013Revolution and Revelation: Buckle Up Buttercup!10844

Sarah Biermann

10 August, 2013Realign Anytime3428

Ann Albers

28 August, 2013Practice When It Doesn't Count7968

Jim Self

14 August, 2013Post Lion's Gate Update, 8.14.136027

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

1 August, 2013Perfecting Your Skills As a Co-creator1083

Ronna Herman Vezane

29 August, 2013New Time Dialogues8293

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

17 August, 2013Nature Doesn't Do Guilt...3662

Ann Albers

1 August, 2013Monthly Astro-Forecasts August 201310457

Sarah-Jane Grace

13 August, 2013Merging with Soul5290

Kara Schallock

14 August, 2013Maintaining Frequency Now Signs of 5D New Earth and Time Shift Energy Collision Alert!26957

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

21 August, 2013Look Up!98

Cat RunningElk

19 August, 2013Living as the Heart’s Prayer of Gratitude2221

Circle of Light

3 August, 2013Life Is A Cabaret Old Chum, Come To The Cabaret: August's Leo New Moon2516

Lynda Hill

15 August, 2013Leaving The Shadow World6034


21 August, 2013Keep It Wild and Free99

Cat RunningElk

13 August, 2013Is That All There Is?3513

Brenda Hoffman

18 August, 2013Integrating Your Crystalline Potentials7732

Goddess Light

29 August, 2013Instant Clarity Coming Now9804

Dana Mrkich

6 August, 2013Igniting Like Rockets9614

Dana Mrkich

26 August, 2013If You Keep Repeating This One Simple Phrase Life Gets a Whole Lot Easier - Fast!108

Cheryl Richardson

4 August, 2013How What You Did for Summer as a Kid Might Change Your Life Now215

Cheryl Richardson

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