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10 February, 2013A Time for Change: Support for the Birth Process3877

Cheryl Richardson

10 February, 2013Weekly Forecast: February 10 - 16, 20132664

Karmic Tools

10 February, 2013The Loonies Are Loose4014

Owen Waters

10 February, 2013Insights and Observations in 20133954

Center of the Sun

11 February, 2013The Power of Your Focus: Becoming the Seamless Whole of God2227

Circle of Light

11 February, 2013Is your Inner Commentary Twisting your Hose?3995

Dana Mrkich

11 February, 2013The Field of Pure Potential6848

Shanta Gabriel

12 February, 2013Raising Consciousness - The Shift from Separation to Oneness4726

Era of Peace

12 February, 2013Unlucky in Love? Broken Contracts & Star-Crossed Soul Mates7466

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

12 February, 2013Ceremonies Don’t Create Lightworkers – You Do2367

Brenda Hoffman

12 February, 2013Angelic Help With The Shifting Energies8958

Diana Cooper

14 February, 2013Holy Relationships4997

Wayne W. Dyer

14 February, 2013A Simple Strategy For Deflecting Negative Emotion5543

David R. Hamilton PhD

14 February, 2013Love Relationships4306

Pamela Kribbe

14 February, 2013Love as a Shadow Dance: The Soul Mate as Villain4081

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

14 February, 2013Weekly LightBlast: Feeling Alone2451

Jamye Price

15 February, 2013Meetings with Celestina: Part I – Guidance for Light Workers, Healing Shame & Guilt7354

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

15 February, 2013How Do I Love Thee?2148

Oakbridge University

15 February, 2013Smile Your Way Home ~ Harmonizing the Fabric of Time3744


15 February, 2013January to June 2013: Spiritual Materialism in The Spotlight404

Sarah Varcas

15 February, 2013Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio: 18th February to 8th July 2013981

Sarah Varcas

15 February, 2013The Aware Heart: Part Two3431

Sarah Biermann

15 February, 2013Don’t Look Down236

Neale Donald Walsch

16 February, 2013Don't Keep Misery Company, Be the Light2429

Ann Albers

16 February, 2013Meetings with Celestina – Part II: Light Worker Guidance & the Family of Origin5062

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

17 February, 2013The God Field329

Owen Waters

17 February, 2013Weekly Forecast: February 17 - 23, 20132394

Karmic Tools

17 February, 2013Activating Your DNA3174

Goddess Light

17 February, 2013Overcome Obstacles: Navigate Around Roadblocks First3582

Cheryl Richardson

18 February, 2013Starlight, Star Bright2079

Sarah-Jane Grace

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