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25 May, 2014Gemini 2014 ~ Assimilate All That You've Learned & Earned 3414

Karmic Tools

17 May, 2014Heal Your Past Lives To Create a Happy Future602

Kari Samuels

20 May, 2014Heavenletter #4925 Think Blue Skies1762


25 May, 2014Heavenletter #4930 Minds Research, Hearts Know1930


15 May, 2014Heralds & Ignitions from Your Future World4449
12 May, 2014How To Use Good Mothering to Handle Regret243

Cheryl Richardson

18 May, 2014Inspiration for the Week - It Is Safe to Let Your Light Shine!3017

Shanta Gabriel

11 May, 2014Inspiration for the Week - You are a Divine Expression 2413

Shanta Gabriel

25 May, 2014Inspiration for the Week - You Are Never Far From the Light 3225

Shanta Gabriel

4 May, 2014Inspiration for the Week - Your Prayers are a Beacon3053

Shanta Gabriel

3 May, 2014Let’s talk about Contentment? 3600

Neale Donald Walsch

29 May, 2014Life Is an Expression of Joy2094

Tony Samara

30 May, 2014Mastering Fluctuating Emotions 4400


1 May, 2014May 2014 Energy Forecast - The Extraordinary Heart within your Higher Mind 5062

Lee Harris

1 May, 2014Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 20144484

Sarah-Jane Grace

9 May, 2014More about this Oneness feeling2026

Dana Mrkich

9 May, 2014More on Contentment2738

Neale Donald Walsch

1 May, 2014My Disciples, Then and Now520

Oakbridge University

1 May, 2014New Rays Of Individualized Expression5027

Ronna Herman Vezane

27 May, 2014No One Can Dictate Your Joy2936

Brenda Hoffman

17 May, 2014On Getting Stuck2935

Neale Donald Walsch

8 May, 2014Oneness and Constant Vigilance! 3335

Dana Mrkich

20 May, 2014Open the Gate3798

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

20 May, 2014Pray to and Ask Assistance of Yourself4561

Brenda Hoffman

9 May, 2014Prophesying Or Pontificating: May's Scorpio Full Moon 4283

Lynda Hill

19 May, 2014Rising in Vibration and Consciousness...A New Space 4223

Kara Schallock

1 May, 2014Safety is Not our Goal2978

Alan Cohen

13 May, 2014Scorpio Full Moon 4605

Dana Mrkich

14 May, 2014Scorpio Full Moon ~ Final Mission Before Re-Entry 4390

Karmic Tools

5 May, 2014Taking Full Responsibility for Who You Are 3083

Kara Schallock

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