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20 June, 2014What You Resist Persists 4014

Neale Donald Walsch

1 June, 2014What’s Happening, When It All Happens at Once?4041

Becky Walsh

30 June, 2014Use Your New Skills to Clear Old Wounds4116

Brenda Hoffman

1 June, 2014How Your Spiritual Growth Heals the World4204

Owen Waters

4 June, 2014Mercury Retrograde - June 7 thru July 1, 20144454

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

2 June, 2014Monthly Astro-Forecasts June 20144521

Sarah-Jane Grace

10 June, 2014Working with parallel lives4556

Gerrit Gielen

10 June, 2014Everything is as it should be, or is it?4638

Pamela Kribbe

1 June, 2014The Momentum For June 2014 Is Ascension4672

Era of Peace

11 June, 2014X class flares provide relief4792

Dana Mrkich

19 June, 2014Prepare for 6/21 Solstice with Wesak Season Blessings4882


20 June, 2014The Solstice Activation 5019

Kara Schallock

2 June, 2014Cosmic Weather – Monthly Snapshot for June 2014 5069

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

26 June, 2014Feathering Our Nests: June's Cancerian New Moon 20145088

Lynda Hill

11 June, 2014Cosmic Weather – Full Moon Report for June 13, 2014 5387

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

9 June, 2014So now what?5680

Center of the Sun

30 June, 2014July 2014 Astro-Energy Report5887

Sarah Varcas

2 June, 2014June 2014 Energy Forecast - What's new, and what's possible now?6501

Lee Harris

10 June, 2014Full Moon Gateway - June 20147183

Kara Schallock

24 June, 2014Money and Abundance7197

Jeshua Channelings

4 June, 20142014 Solstice Activation: Opening the Stargate of the Heart7333

Shanta Gabriel

20 June, 2014A Powerful Triple Realignment Is Here!7791

Center of the Sun

15 June, 2014Stop Energy Vampires In Their Tracks7966

Center of the Sun

29 June, 2014The Physics of Consciousness - The Future Revealed7966


9 June, 2014Reset Your Energy at June 12-13 Full Moon 8162


14 June, 2014The Fast-Track Systems8678


3 June, 2014Energy Forecast - Graduation Day 12626

Emmanuel Dagher

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