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25 October, 2015 The Secret Ingredient To All Healing2323

Cheryl Richardson

16 October, 201510:10 Gateway Ascension Symptoms: New Forerunners Leaving the Matrix9015

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

13 October, 2015A Whole New Place of Being 4846

Kara Schallock

28 October, 2015As The Whirlwind of Shift Comes 2969

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

21 October, 2015As the World of Love Appears1499

Circle of Light

12 October, 2015Balancing after Eclipse Cycle2744


13 October, 2015Cosmic Weather - New Moon Report, 10.12.15 2395

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

6 October, 2015Divine Preparations - October 2015 8535

Emmanuel Dagher

27 October, 2015Earth Turbulence / Emotional Turbulence 3073

Dana Mrkich

5 October, 2015From Love to Creation Lessons1984

Brenda Hoffman

25 October, 2015Full Moon Report for 10/27/153201

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

27 October, 2015Full Moon, October 27 - Claim Your Expansive Consciousness2478
24 October, 2015God Breathes For You 1650

Ann Albers

6 October, 2015Heavenletter #5430 Doubt Leaves You in the Middle of a Forest1171

Gloria Wendroff

18 October, 2015Heavenletter #5442 God's Love Dancing927


1 October, 2015How Many Miracles do You Get?1307

Alan Cohen

9 October, 2015Human Power/Love Power1595

The Love Foundation

19 October, 2015I Thought I Was Learning Salsa2843

Cheryl Richardson

11 October, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Wings of Angels are Enfolding You in Light 1984

Shanta Gabriel

4 October, 2015Inspiration for the Week - A Creative Solution for All Situations2083

Shanta Gabriel

25 October, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Anchoring True Wisdom Within You 1356

Shanta Gabriel

18 October, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Whether You Tune In or Not 2065

Shanta Gabriel

11 October, 2015It’s Getting Better All the Time2627


17 October, 2015Let’s Talk About Resistance2092

Neale Donald Walsch

10 October, 2015Listen To Loving Impulses 2060

Ann Albers

4 October, 2015Mercury Retrograde: Manifesting Mojo during the “Trickster” Transit2940

Kari Samuels

1 October, 2015Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 20153776

Sarah-Jane Grace

31 October, 2015Never The End 1152

Ann Albers

18 October, 2015New Beginnings1777

Goddess Light

21 October, 2015New Energies New You4016


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