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16 February, 201518th/19th February 2015: New (Black) Moon4304

Sarah Varcas

27 February, 2015A Million Points of Focus for the Heart of Love1527

Yael and Doug Powell

8 February, 2015An Opportunity to Add to the Light of the World2199

Era of Peace

13 February, 2015Ascension Symptoms Alert: I Want to Go Home and Ascend NOW!18560

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

20 February, 2015Awareness, Honesty, Responsibility 1932

Neale Donald Walsch

1 February, 2015Be Excessively Gentle with Yourself.2859

Cheryl Richardson

28 February, 2015Being as Well as Doing1101

Owen Waters

24 February, 2015Being Authentically You 2682

Kara Schallock

3 February, 2015Correct Your Thinking! 2923

Dana Mrkich

3 February, 2015Cosmic Weather - Full Moon Report for 2/3/15 4598

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

11 February, 2015Demystify Your Unique Life Imprint - Power 2237


3 February, 2015Energy Foreast: Spontaneous Healing11184

Emmanuel Dagher

21 February, 2015Everything Leads To Love1447

Ann Albers

2 February, 2015February 2015 Astro-Energy Report4320

Sarah Varcas

4 February, 2015February 2015 Energy Forecast - The Energy of 2015 4668

Lee Harris

2 February, 2015Finding Your Groove In Amongst It All: February's Leo Full Moon 2336

Lynda Hill

8 February, 2015Guess Who's Leading?2959

Kara Schallock

25 February, 2015Heart Activations: ‘tis the month’2177

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

5 February, 2015Heavenletter #5186 Life Comes in Waves1730


15 February, 2015Heavenletter #5196 Claim Joy1097


20 February, 2015Heavenletter #5201 This Vast Permeating Love1362


27 February, 2015How About ‘Whole-istic’ Living? 1727

Neale Donald Walsch

1 February, 2015How to Get Out of a Coma130

Alan Cohen

14 February, 2015How To Have More Loving, Conscious Relationships: Happy Love Month!2993

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

27 February, 2015If We Create Our Own Reality, Then Why Do We Get Old?2986

Gerrit Gielen

1 February, 2015Illuminate Your Unconscious1405

Goddess Light

15 February, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Bringing Clarity into Your Life2423

Shanta Gabriel

22 February, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Give Yourself a Fast from Negative Thoughts about Yourself2215

Shanta Gabriel

1 February, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Now is the Time to Let Go of Fear2586

Shanta Gabriel

9 February, 2015Inspiration for the Week - Picture the Wings of Angels Enfolding You in Light2193

Shanta Gabriel

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