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20 December, 2016Are YOU Truly Ready?1579

Lisa Transcendence Brown

10 December, 2016Heavenletter #5860 Seek New Roles in Life1568


21 December, 2016The True Meaning of Solstice1566


29 December, 2016You Are the Light1510

Circle of Light

25 December, 2016Inspiration for the Week - The Teachers We Need1505

Shanta Gabriel

17 December, 201612/12 Gateway: Extreme of Extremes1456

Lisa Transcendence Brown

8 December, 2016Where Is Your Focus?1443

Kara Schallock

31 December, 2016The 2017 Cycle1426

Sonia Barrett

10 December, 2016Last Full Moon of the Year1417

Kari Samuels

23 December, 2016A Christmas Story1373

Oakbridge University

11 December, 2016Raise Your Frequency HIGHER To Intentionally 1368

Lisa Transcendence Brown

28 December, 2016Can We Have An Impact At All On How Our Lives Are Going?1365

Neale Donald Walsch

6 December, 2016Beyond Enlightenment1363

Leonard Jacobson

25 December, 2016Weekly Forecast: December 25 - 30, 20161318

Karmic Tools

3 December, 2016We Must Change Beliefs of the Young1263

Neale Donald Walsch

21 December, 2016Celebrating You!1237
11 December, 2016Freedom for You and Me1189

Brenda Hoffman

4 December, 2016Weekly Forecast: December 4 - 10, 20161110

Karmic Tools

16 December, 2016All of Your Choices Echo Throughout Time 1054

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

3 December, 2016Release Yourself To Adventure 1028

Ann Albers

18 December, 2016Weekly Forecast: December 18 - 24, 20161025

Karmic Tools

12 December, 2016Do YOU Allow Yourself to Fully BE Love?1022

Lisa Transcendence Brown

21 December, 2016Embracing the Dark – Finding the Light1014

Cat RunningElk

18 December, 2016BEcoming Pure SOURCE Light1007

Lisa Transcendence Brown

18 December, 2016The Simplicity of Peace, Bliss, Generosity, Kindness and Love1006

Lisa Transcendence Brown

4 December, 2016Inspiration for the Week - Walk in Beauty & Live in Trust995

Shanta Gabriel

18 December, 2016Inspiration for the Week - Angels Work Every Day 939

Shanta Gabriel

11 December, 2016Weekly Forecast: December 11 - 17, 2016 929

Karmic Tools

8 December, 2016Weekly LightBlast: Foregoing Control929

Jamye Price

24 December, 2016Celebrate The Light Within921

Ann Albers

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