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10 April, 2016Getting Connected - Part 23952


22 April, 2016Heavenletter #5628 Of Oceans and Sand1348

Gloria Wendroff

29 April, 2016Heavenletter #5635 Be a Miracle2016

Gloria Wendroff

10 April, 2016Inspiration for the Week - Loving Others in Their Own Chosen Path1035

Shanta Gabriel

3 April, 2016Inspiration for the Week - Trust in the Divine Plan1378

Shanta Gabriel

24 April, 2016Inspiration for the Week - You Are Always Wrapped in Wings of Pure Love965

Shanta Gabriel

17 April, 2016Inspiration for the Week - Your Ticket to Higher Consciousness1385

Shanta Gabriel

21 April, 2016Is Awakening a Gradual Process or a Sudden, Spontaneous Shift? 3165

Eckhart Tolle

20 April, 2016It Is Up to You2106
28 April, 2016Juicy Manifesting2789

Dana Mrkich

14 April, 2016Living Consciously in the Hologram1337

Circle of Light

25 April, 2016Loving Earth, Loving Yourself1655

Brenda Hoffman

29 April, 2016May 2016 Ascension Energies4247

Jamye Price

28 April, 2016Mercury retrograde - Be kind. Rewind.2817

Kari Samuels

29 April, 2016Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: Self Value & Worth3197

Dana Mrkich

1 April, 2016Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 20162657

Sarah-Jane Grace

15 April, 2016Out of the Wave ~ Stepping out of Reaction2794


9 April, 2016Pray with Your Energy 1601

Ann Albers

23 April, 2016Prince: A Tribute to a Royal Purple Star1895

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

4 April, 2016Reclaiming Your Power1381

Leonard Jacobson

2 April, 2016Remember Love 782

Ann Albers

8 April, 2016Starseed Ascension Shift Symptoms and Inflow of New Templates 5987

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

21 April, 2016Thank You Thursday: Oneness, I Am Human. (pt. 2)493

Hillis Pugh

17 April, 2016The Central Spiritual Sun1274

Goddess Light

1 April, 2016The Law of Responsive Return2805

Ronna Herman Vezane

13 April, 2016The Next Level2247

Oakbridge University

15 April, 2016The Power of a Hug936

David R. Hamilton PhD

8 April, 2016The Root Chakra3043

Jeshua Channelings

3 April, 2016There is Only Love1027

Goddess Light

18 April, 2016Thoughts from your Hostess of Light Apr 20161641

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

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