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7 July, 2017 Capricorn Full Moon Intensity2711

Dana Mrkich

7 July, 2017 Embodying Our Love 593

Harold W. Becker

5 July, 20172017 Shift: Grounding of the Higher Consciousness Unified Field4879

Starchild Global

13 July, 2017A Call To Action2276

Era of Peace

15 July, 2017A Call to Re-member ~ Awakening Your Perfect Self1904


27 July, 2017Acceptance941

Leonard Jacobson

1 July, 2017Are you Ready For Liberation?2403

Ronna Herman

22 July, 2017As WE Lead with Love, Respect, Integrity & Kindness878

Lisa Transcendence Brown

27 July, 2017August 2017 Ascension Energies 3352

Jamye Price

25 July, 2017Balance of The Fractured Heart1324

Kuthumi School of Wisdom

2 July, 2017Become Your Authentic Self1012

Goddess Light

5 July, 2017Choosing Hope in Dark Times 1019


22 July, 2017Choosing Your Classes1399

Ann Albers

1 July, 2017Claim Your Inheritance1272

Alan Cohen

2 July, 2017Cultivating Your NEW Earth Relationships1324

Lisa Transcendence Brown

3 July, 2017Don’t Let the Boogeyman Get You1724

Brenda Hoffman

1 July, 2017Embracing perspectives703

Ann Albers

18 July, 2017Energy, ET's, And Dementia2282

Oakbridge University

27 July, 2017Everything is Connected1527

Jeshua Channelings

30 July, 2017Evolving More1316

Kara Schallock

20 July, 2017Evolving on a Soul Level1480

Lisa Transcendence Brown

18 July, 2017Experiencing the Totality of Your Own Reality 1098

Lisa Transcendence Brown

31 July, 2017Fear Addiction1356

Brenda Hoffman

17 July, 2017Heavenletter #6079 Choose Peace754


23 July, 2017Heavenletter #6085 A Stranger in a Strange Land1314


25 July, 2017Heavenletter #6087 Through Whose Eyes Are You Looking Now?739


21 July, 2017Honoring Life547

Harold W. Becker

14 July, 2017How Can We Change Our World?759

Neale Donald Walsch

4 July, 2017How to Cut an Unhealthy Bond with Someone 1837

Dr. Judith Orloff

20 July, 2017How to Get the Best Out of a Black Moon!3711

Sarah Varcas

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