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28 February, 2017March 2017 Ascension Energies2589

Jamye Price

27 February, 2017This is Our Earth Now!1826

Brenda Hoffman

27 February, 2017Weekly Forecast: Feb 26 - March 4, 20171267

Karmic Tools

26 February, 2017Inspiration for the Week - Whether You are Tuned in or Not 1434

Shanta Gabriel

25 February, 2017Embracing it all?1300

Ann Albers

24 February, 2017The Cosmic Directional Buoys in time1428

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

24 February, 201726th February 2017: Solar Eclipse in 9th Degree of Pisces3649

Sarah Varcas

24 February, 2017Heavenletter #5935 Give Yourself a Treat Today677

Gloria Wendroff

23 February, 2017Living as Your True Self1315

Ailia Mira

23 February, 2017Body and Soul2141

Jeshua Channelings

22 February, 2017Heavenletter #5934 What Can You Not Create?885


21 February, 2017Rising in Authenticity, Power and Sovereignty 1848

Kara Schallock

20 February, 2017Opening Your Pressure Cooker1908

Brenda Hoffman

20 February, 2017Shaping Your World970

Jamye Price

20 February, 2017Prepare for New Moon2607


19 February, 2017Weekly Forecast: February 19 - 25, 20171180

Karmic Tools

19 February, 2017The Vibration of Acceptance1487

Shelly Dressel

19 February, 2017Inspiration for the Week - Gently and With Love, Honor Yourself 866

Shanta Gabriel

19 February, 2017If You’re Feeling Anxious, Please Do This.1968

Cheryl Richardson

18 February, 2017When you don't get your way...1048

Ann Albers

16 February, 2017Standing Up To Your Shadow1804

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 February, 2017Awakening the Feminine ~ Balancing Force vs Power2432


14 February, 2017How To Attract Love and Prosperity1906

Kari Samuels

14 February, 2017Will You Be a Valentine?538

Cheryl Richardson

14 February, 2017Access Expanded Capacities through Your Eternal Consciousness1818
13 February, 2017Stop Being Afraid of Yourself1451

Sonia Barrett

13 February, 2017Beings of Love801

The Love Foundation

13 February, 2017Shifting Your Focus To Activate Alternate Realities1788

Lisa Transcendence Brown

13 February, 2017Intentionally Opening & Closing Portals 1689

Lisa Transcendence Brown

12 February, 2017Heavenletter #5924 Catch Yourself in Peace and Happiness782


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