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3 December, 2018 "Magic" is just ONE Natural Part of Our Multi-Dimensional Experience Here 697

Lisa Transcendence Brown

6 December, 2018 12D Harmonic Re-Alignment Processes Accelerate: Pay Attention (Observe) 1221

Lisa Transcendence Brown

18 December, 2018 Your DNA is Evolving/Changing, Your Genetics, Your Entire Physical Make-Up1037

Lisa Transcendence Brown

10 December, 201812:12 The Light of Mary1216

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

16 December, 201812D Template Update (+ the 2 New Quantum Light Body DNA Activations)915

Lisa Transcendence Brown

17 December, 201822 Ways to Stay Sane During the Holidays465

Roxane Burnett

21 December, 2018A Christmas Message from Archangel Gabriel1365

Shanta Gabriel

11 December, 2018A Flood of Higher Consciousness Codes: 12D Template Update - Part 21030

Lisa Transcendence Brown

22 December, 2018A Love Beyond Limits723

Ann Albers

6 December, 2018Amplifying Love1038

Jamye Price

23 December, 2018Are You Compromising Joy?1289

Brenda Hoffman

1 December, 2018Are You in a Balanced Flow?741

Ann Albers

2 December, 2018Be Yourself!628

Shelly Dressel

22 December, 2018Beacons of Light January 2019: A Time of Love ~ The Equalization1572

Steve Rother

11 December, 2018Becoming a Living Light on 12:121173

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

1 December, 2018Blue Ray Christos Sophia Light Body Activation of the Spiritual Sun 2345

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

20 December, 2018Bow Deeply to Yourself1435

Jeshua Channelings

29 December, 2018Creating Your New Year Now!772

Ann Albers

1 December, 2018Developing Non-Attachment1351

Ronna Herman

25 December, 2018Embracing the season - Living beyond conditioning! 483

Sonia Barrett

23 December, 2018Functioning From The Depth Of The Core Of Your Divine Sacred Soul Being1024

Lisa Transcendence Brown

9 December, 2018Gateways are Open: 12D Template Update - Part 1922

Lisa Transcendence Brown

10 December, 2018Giggles Without Boundaries1130

Brenda Hoffman

11 December, 2018Gracious Love508

The Love Foundation

1 December, 2018Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas Dinner527

Alan Cohen

15 December, 2018Happy Holiday Thoughts497

Ann Albers

28 December, 2018Happy New Year451

Neale Donald Walsch

4 December, 2018Heavenletter #6522 Life Will Have Surprises Up Its Sleeve664


7 December, 2018Heavenletter #6525 Somewhere in the Midst of Life422


10 December, 2018Heavenletter #6528 Life Deferred371


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