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17 January, 2018Eris (A Mighty Dwarf Planet)1536

Sarah Varcas

11 January, 2018A Quantum Shift Toward Christ Consciousness1537

Era of Peace

6 January, 2018Trust the Journey1545

Ann Albers

15 January, 2018Living in the Ruins 1577

Sarah-Jane Grace

8 January, 2018For Many Gatekeepers, all of January is Anchoring, Integrating and Complete1599

Lisa Transcendence Brown

8 January, 2018You are You and They are Not1608

Brenda Hoffman

26 January, 2018Transforming Fear to Power 1618

Kara Schallock

22 January, 2018Your Personal Void1653

Brenda Hoffman

11 January, 2018Will 2018 Really Be Any Different?1680

Jamye Price

1 January, 2018Monthly Astro-Forecasts January 20181708

Sarah-Jane Grace

7 January, 2018Relationships in Spotlight: What to Consider Now1721


1 January, 2018 2018 Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Report - Part 1: Overview 1814

Lisa Transcendence Brown

30 January, 2018Fully Human and Fully Divine 1871

Jeshua Channelings

24 January, 2018You Are The Creators - I Am Here To Support You1922

Jeshua Channelings

25 January, 2018February 2018 Ascension Energies – Looking Back1955

Jamye Price

8 January, 2018Balancing Karma in 20182010

Kari Samuels

1 January, 2018Are You Ready To Make A Commitment? 2033

Ronna Herman Vezane

11 January, 20182018 Is The Year of Unforeseen Miracles that Seek To Take Form2082

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

11 January, 2018A Message from the Angels for 1/11/182234

Shanta Gabriel

15 January, 2018All of You2247

Brenda Hoffman

1 January, 2018Year of the Feminine - January 20182409

Emmanuel Dagher

18 January, 20182018 - Rise Of The Earthkeepers2482

Spirit Pathways

11 January, 20182018 Predictions2737

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 January, 2018A Balancing Wave2927


26 January, 2018Prepare for Full Moon Eclipse 3092


13 January, 2018Peeling the Onion of Reality3501


23 January, 2018The Aquarius Gate3586

Starchild Global

27 January, 2018The Practical Old Soul3918


14 January, 2018Who You Are - 20185328


31 January, 2018Pleiadian/Inner Earth Message 20185533

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

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