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10 May, 2018The Earth in Transition to New Earth: The Future is Now3780

Starchild Global

26 May, 2018Solara has Found Earth2795


23 May, 2018Energy Report May / June 20182602

Spirit Pathways

17 May, 2018The Day the Time Stopped2602


30 May, 2018You Are In The Midst Of A Spiritual Revolution2359

Ronna Herman Vezane

29 May, 2018June 2018 Astro-Energy Report - The Alchemy of Emotional Expression2295

Sarah Varcas

26 May, 2018The Evolutionary Leap2246


21 May, 2018No More Grandparent Cells2225

Brenda Hoffman

1 May, 2018May 2018 Astro-Energy Report - On The Brink Of….1970

Sarah Varcas

17 May, 2018Equality of Spirit1893


8 May, 2018The Vibe Report for May 20181843

Nancy Leilah Ward

9 May, 2018Activations 1828

Kara Schallock

14 May, 2018Recalibration1682

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

17 May, 2018Ambassador of Light1677

Steve Rother

13 May, 2018Inspiration for the Week - The Prayers You Offer for Others1659

Shanta Gabriel

4 May, 2018May Cosmic Energy Report1633

Lisa Transcendence Brown

9 May, 2018 Massive Earth & Collective Physical LightBody Activations Occurring1555

Lisa Transcendence Brown

10 May, 2018Wesak Blessings - Next New Energy Threshold1542


20 May, 2018Therapist and Client1540

Jeshua Channelings

14 May, 2018Heartfelt or Nothing1529

Brenda Hoffman

22 May, 2018Eckhart on Low Self-Esteem and Anxiety1487

Eckhart Tolle

3 May, 20185 Protection Strategies for Empaths1486

Dr. Judith Orloff

10 May, 2018From Survival Mode to Self-Care1481

Dana Mrkich

28 May, 2018June 2018 Ascension Energies – Earth Family1456

Jamye Price

26 May, 2018Mother Earth and You1440

Ann Albers

16 May, 2018Mahalo, I am Aloha Spirit of the Water1395

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

3 May, 2018Easing into May1347

Dana Mrkich

12 May, 2018The You Beyond Death1317

Ann Albers

7 May, 2018Joy Role Model1302

Brenda Hoffman

17 May, 2018 From Human Body to LightBody1298

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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