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24 February, 2019Healer's Instructions3781


2 February, 2019The Era of Higher Harmonics - February 2019 Energy Update1847

Lee Harris

23 February, 2019Beacons of Light March 2019: Return of the Clan of the Bright Eyes1824

Steve Rother

10 February, 2019 Cosmic Weather Update: Complete Turmoil and Chaos coming for 3D/4D1802

Lisa Transcendence Brown

16 February, 2019Relationships and Soul Connection1793

Jeshua Channelings

14 February, 2019Saturn: Re-set and Rebuild1678

Dana Mrkich

16 February, 2019New Energies in an Old World1657

Jeshua Channelings

26 February, 2019March 2019 Ascension Energies – Creative Flow1586

Jamye Price

3 February, 2019February 2019 Energy Report1511

Jennifer Hoffman

25 February, 2019You’re Not a Friend Control1457

Brenda Hoffman

11 February, 2019Find Your Center - Stay in Your Heart During Intensity1392


5 February, 2019Divine Plan Unfolding1264

Spirit Pathways

12 February, 2019So, What is Your Role?1241

Brenda Hoffman

1 February, 2019The Empowering Gift Of Forgiveness1210

Ronna Herman Vezane

18 February, 2019Your Creations: Macro to Micro1203

Brenda Hoffman

26 February, 2019The Re-Weaver – A Story About Healing and Purpose1178

Jennifer Hoffman

5 February, 2019 Breaking Away... Living Your New - Fully... 1145

Lisa Transcendence Brown

14 February, 2019Interaction1111

Jamye Price

22 February, 2019Daily Inspiration Roundup 18th - 22nd February 20191103

Spirit Pathways

4 February, 2019Followers Want Instant Gratification1094

Brenda Hoffman

17 February, 2019Weekly Forecast: February 17 – 23, 20191065

Karmic Tools

28 February, 2019 March Quantum Energy Report/Update 1054

Lisa Transcendence Brown

3 February, 2019Inspiration for the Week - A Surprising Way to Bring Balance to Your Life1034

Shanta Gabriel

7 February, 2019Innocence1028

Jamye Price

19 February, 2019Truths from the Ever Changing Universe997

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

21 February, 2019The weary human, Bouncing back from the bumps and bruises of the journey985

Sonia Barrett

23 February, 2019What exactly is Divine Timing?984

Ann Albers

6 February, 2019Conscious Connection with All That You Are965

Ailia Mira

15 February, 2019The Five Natural Emotions 962

Neale Donald Walsch

11 February, 2019Soul Streaming955

Spirit Pathways

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