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29 July, 2019 28th July – 21st August 2019: Venus in Leo - One of a Kind & One of the Crowd1314

Sarah Varcas

1 July, 2019 Fitting Beauty into a Box370

Jim Self

29 July, 2019 Multi-Dimensional Energy Update: Humanity's Humanity, Collective Shifts836

Lisa Transcendence Brown

29 July, 2019 Simplicity and Complexity: Quantum Passion Alive1111

Jamye Price

16 July, 201912D Update: 144 Divine Sacred Quantum Multi-Dimensional Templates 945

Lisa Transcendence Brown

15 July, 201916th July 2019: Lunar Eclipse in 25th degree of Capricorn1467

Sarah Varcas

8 July, 20198/8 Lions Gate 2019 : Complete Embodiment of the Soul2451

Starchild Global

24 July, 20198:8 Stargate - Sirius Rising 20191366

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

28 July, 2019Affirmations367

Owen Waters

29 July, 2019Allowing LIFE to Support You862

Ailia Mira

25 July, 2019August 2019 Ascension Energies – Infinite Time1608

Jamye Price

27 July, 2019Beacons of Light August 2019: Tensions1749

Steve Rother

17 July, 2019Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse Cycle1206

Sarah Biermann

20 July, 2019Cells, Souls, & the Good of the Whole1069

Ann Albers

29 July, 2019Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are1457

Brenda Hoffman

23 July, 2019Confronting Truth & True Transformation940

Spirit Pathways

6 July, 2019Creation Of The Future In Every Day672

Oakbridge University

15 July, 2019Dismantling the Density870

Jim Self

1 July, 2019Dramatic Eclipses of July - How to Benefit from 7/2 and 7/16 Eclipses1461


29 July, 2019Energetic Shift1122

Spirit Pathways

11 July, 2019Exploring Infinite Love423

The Love Foundation

29 July, 2019Filling the Void484

Jim Self

6 July, 2019From Striving To Ease1055

Ailia Mira

16 July, 2019Full Moon Lunar Eclipse994

Spirit Pathways

10 July, 2019July 2019 Energy Report1501

Jennifer Hoffman

2 July, 2019July Solar Eclipse: Feeling safe and protected1242

Dana Mrkich

16 July, 2019Karmic Patterns Revealed – July 16 Eclipse!931

Kari Samuels

17 July, 2019Love Yourself Free666


17 July, 2019Lunar Eclipse and The Sandman1322

Dana Mrkich

8 July, 2019Mercury is Retrograde – Slow The Heck Down!729

Kari Samuels

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