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24 December, 2019Where Has the Time Gone?797

Dana Mrkich

5 December, 2019Message from Leilah and The Vastness of Being778

Nancy Leilah Ward

10 December, 2019Release Your Disappointments, What Are You Burdened By?749

Sonia Barrett

30 December, 2019Coming to the End of 2019739

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

24 December, 2019Pure Presence and Deepening our Sacred Soul Experiences738

Lisa Transcendence Brown

17 December, 2019The Spaciousness of a Vaster Identity735

Ailia Mira

2 December, 2019Doth Thou Protest Too Much?721

Brenda Hoffman

15 December, 2019Weekly Forecast: December 15 – 21, 2019681

Karmic Tools

12 December, 2019Chamuel Angel of Self Love667

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

16 December, 2019The Chakras Must Change, Part 2663

Jim Self

1 December, 2019Weekly Forecast: December 1 – 7, 2019651

Karmic Tools

17 December, 2019A Year of Being More True to You648

Ann Albers

2 December, 2019 Live for Two Hundred Years?620

Jim Self

9 December, 2019In God We Trust612

Oakbridge University

31 December, 2019The End of an Era605

Spirit Pathways

28 December, 2019Look Back With Love600

Ann Albers

1 December, 2019Jupiter Enters Capricorn ~ Build On the Vision599

Karmic Tools

30 December, 2019Something to Think About for the New Year (It’s Not Resolutions)597

Cheryl Richardson

4 December, 2019The Meaning of Life548

Leonard Jacobson

16 December, 2019Expanding Your Perspective467

Goddess Light

15 December, 2019Celebrate the Light376

Goddess Light

25 December, 2019Celebrating Christ Mass - You are Super-consciousness infused in matter! 323

Sonia Barrett

1 December, 2019Gratitude and Thanksgiving233

Owen Waters

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