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6 June, 2020 I Love You, I Am You589

Ann Albers

26 June, 2020 July 2020 Ascension Energies – Creative Power973

Jamye Price

16 June, 202018th June – 12th July 2020: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer1314

Sarah Varcas

17 June, 202021st June 2020: Solar Eclipse on the Gemini/Cancer Cusp1781

Sarah Varcas

30 June, 20205th July 2020: Lunar Eclipse in 14th Degree of Capricorn1211

Sarah Varcas

3 June, 20205th June 2020: Lunar Eclipse in 16th degree of Sagittarius1692

Sarah Varcas

29 June, 2020A Time of Power and Change487

Spirit Pathways

21 June, 2020A Walk Down Memory Lane423

Cheryl Richardson

8 June, 2020Another Mind464

Jim Self

29 June, 2020Are You Losing Your Friends?1058

Jim Self

6 June, 2020Baggage1265

Jeshua Channelings

30 June, 2020Be Deeply Present446

Spirit Pathways

23 June, 2020Be the Big Love576


27 June, 2020Beacons of Light July 2020: Dimensional Merge1903

Steve Rother

22 June, 2020Breakthrough Into a New Cycle540

Spirit Pathways

13 June, 2020Breathe743

Ann Albers

3 June, 2020Bring More Light Into the World595

Spirit Pathways

1 June, 2020Change Is Certain484

Spirit Pathways

11 June, 2020Changing Seasons1306

Sarah-Jane Grace

16 June, 2020Congratulations!1162

Brenda Hoffman

13 June, 2020Courage to Change - Where We Go From Here588


23 June, 2020Deeper Understandings482

Spirit Pathways

1 June, 2020Divine Emergence – June 20201660

Emmanuel Dagher

6 June, 2020Eclipses are a Blessing in Disguise 867

Shanta Gabriel

6 June, 2020Embracing Our Humanity363

The Love Foundation

14 June, 2020Emergence & Reconnecting: Covid-19: A Firsthand Experience1224

Ailia Mira

24 June, 2020Freedom From Karmic Constraints823

Spirit Pathways

16 June, 2020Fresh Eyes543

Spirit Pathways

25 June, 2020Geometry of Wellbeing648

Jim Self

8 June, 2020Healing & Releasing the Past489

Spirit Pathways

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