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28 August, 2020September 2020 Ascension Energies – Freedom Bound1059

Jamye Price

19 August, 2020Q & A about The Great Awakening1085


13 August, 2020Lionsgate Closes1108

Spirit Pathways

3 August, 2020The Case for Being Human1135

Jeshua Channelings

1 August, 2020Don't Fear Conspiracies1142

Ann Albers

3 August, 2020The Color Codes in These Transitory Times1152

Jim Self

8 August, 2020Paradigm Shock1161

Pepper Lewis

3 August, 2020Refilling Your Vessel1240

Brenda Hoffman

6 August, 2020Sharing the New Earth with Others1272

Jeshua Channelings

16 August, 2020How to Live in a Higher Vibration1272

Goddess Light

10 August, 2020Practice Time is Over1316

Brenda Hoffman

7 August, 2020Lionsgate1360

Spirit Pathways

2 August, 2020Your 5th Dimensional Alignment1365

Goddess Light

17 August, 2020The Second Wave are the Re-builders1479

Brenda Hoffman

16 August, 2020 2020 Mid-Year Quantum Energy Update: Part 1 of 31492

Lisa Transcendence Brown

2 August, 2020August 2020 Energy Report1508

Jennifer Hoffman

25 August, 2020Stop Directing the Second Wave1548

Brenda Hoffman

31 August, 2020Metamorphosis – September 20201712

Emmanuel Dagher

29 August, 2020Beacons of Light September 2020: A Look Ahead1712

Steve Rother

1 August, 2020The Celestial Winds of Change Are Sweeping the Earth1794

Ronna Herman Vezane

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