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4 January, 2020 20/20 Visions of the Divine!853

Ann Albers

3 January, 2020 2020 Quantum Energy Overview1575

Lisa Transcendence Brown

5 January, 2020 Sending Rain Down Under511

Cheryl Richardson

22 January, 202020 Ways to Self Love851

David R. Hamilton PhD

31 January, 20202020 Special Alignments1745

Karmic Tools

5 January, 20202020: This Is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius4773

Owen Waters

29 January, 2020A Re-Evaluation - Preparing for a New Earth1431


22 January, 2020Accept Your Destiny706

Spirit Pathways

20 January, 2020Accept Your Genie1336

Brenda Hoffman

15 January, 2020Alignment & Illusions Falling1097

Spirit Pathways

14 January, 2020An Energetic "Big Deal": Everything's Going On...1124

Lisa Transcendence Brown

20 January, 2020An Orderliness457

Jim Self

9 January, 2020As You Give, so You Receive433

David R. Hamilton PhD

15 January, 2020Ascension with Mother Earth-Gaia, the Fairies & Devas Activation1490

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

24 January, 2020Awaken Your Spirit With the Aquarius New Moon740

Kari Samuels

5 January, 2020Be in the Flow of Love575

Goddess Light

1 January, 2020Blinding Clarity, Course Correction & More: January 2020 Energy Update1540

Lee Harris

16 January, 2020Catalyst for Change657

Spirit Pathways

1 January, 2020Clear Vision in 20201274

Alan Cohen

1 January, 2020Dawn of a New Decade473

Spirit Pathways

28 January, 2020Deeper Regions629

Spirit Pathways

5 January, 2020Duality - Part 31920


30 January, 2020Eckhart on Peace After a Loss832

Eckhart Tolle

20 January, 2020Engage With the World598

Spirit Pathways

9 January, 2020Expansion, Trust and Embodiment – Themes for 2020 941

Shanta Gabriel

8 January, 2020Explore & Be Receptive519

Spirit Pathways

6 January, 2020Fear is Not a Choice883

Brenda Hoffman

29 January, 2020February 2020 Ascension Energies – Clarity1673

Jamye Price

24 January, 2020First New Moon of the Decade1191

Spirit Pathways

19 January, 2020Integrating Your Senses567

Goddess Light

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