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14 April, 2020Virus Truths4964


9 April, 2020Ascension and New Earth Shift Symptoms3131

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

9 April, 2020The Codes of Resurrection, Renewal and Rebirth : April 20202931

Starchild Global

14 April, 2020New Information - Not That Obvious2904


20 April, 2020What Should I Ask?2570


1 April, 2020The Divine Pause – April 2020 Energy Forecast2208

Emmanuel Dagher

2 April, 2020April 2020 Energy Report2027

Jennifer Hoffman

8 April, 2020New Venus Cycle in Gemini 20201899

Karmic Tools

4 April, 2020Manipulating Fear1894


14 April, 2020The Next Step for the Unfolding Divine Plan in 20201869

Era of Peace

25 April, 2020Beacons of Light May 2020: White Noise1707

Steve Rother

4 April, 2020The Astrology of 2020 Part 3 (and introducing 2021)1705

Sarah Varcas

28 April, 2020Important Opportunities for May 20201680

Era of Peace

5 April, 2020Change is Here!1599

Goddess Light

21 April, 2020Earth Gives Humanity Wake-up Call 1586


13 April, 2020Accepting Your New Being1511

Brenda Hoffman

28 April, 20205th May 2020 – 18th January 2022: North Node in Gemini1474

Sarah Varcas

24 April, 2020Third Chakra Shift1428

Jim Self

13 April, 2020Spiritual Boot Camp - Being Prepared for Big Changes1358


27 April, 2020You’re Creating the New Earth Manual1274

Brenda Hoffman

1 April, 2020Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 20201252

Sarah-Jane Grace

16 April, 2020Birthing a Planetary Reset1245

Alan Cohen

4 April, 2020Finding the Silver Linings - Seeing Our Crisis Through Spirit's Eyes1137


9 April, 2020An Expanded Blessing From on High1132

Era of Peace

6 April, 2020Tethered to Yesterday’s Comforts No More1117

Brenda Hoffman

11 April, 2020Be Patient with Yourself...1098

Ann Albers

2 April, 2020April's Energy Is Full of Paradoxes1087

Kari Samuels

2 April, 2020Preparing for a Quantum Leap1070

Spirit Pathways

4 April, 2020A Moment in (And Out) of Time - Part 11069

Pepper Lewis

20 April, 2020Freedom1065

Brenda Hoffman

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