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1 May, 2020 The Great Awakening – May 20202921

Emmanuel Dagher

4 May, 2020Your Gate Has Opened, Run1789

Brenda Hoffman

28 May, 2020The Astrology of 2020 Part 4: The Role of Saturn1568

Sarah Varcas

3 May, 2020May 2020 Energy Report1507

Jennifer Hoffman

27 May, 2020June 2020 Ascension Energies – Balancing Opposites1491

Jamye Price

23 May, 2020Beacons of Light June 2020: New Snow is on Earth1473

Steve Rother

11 May, 2020Loneliness, a Necessary Part of Your Path1429

Jeshua Channelings

5 May, 2020Where Did Gaia Go?1263

Pepper Lewis

7 May, 2020Full Moon Transformation1245

Spirit Pathways

12 May, 2020You in the Raw1240

Brenda Hoffman

1 May, 2020Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 20201219

Sarah-Jane Grace

13 May, 2020Wesak - New Energy Threshold1176


18 May, 2020Stop Care taking Your Rebuild Group1154

Brenda Hoffman

18 May, 2020I am the Grace and Light of Quan Yin1135

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

31 May, 2020The Current Marketing of Death!1130

Sonia Barrett

3 May, 2020Releasing Fear Creates Confidence1129

Goddess Light

25 May, 2020You’re Your Fairy Godmother1064

Brenda Hoffman

13 May, 2020 May's Reality Shifting Quantum Codes Thus Far:1062

Lisa Transcendence Brown

20 May, 2020Are You Doing This the Easy Way or the Hard Way?1058

Era of Peace

11 May, 2020Less Carbon-Based Body and Brain1006

Jim Self

11 May, 2020The Love of the Earth1004

Jeshua Channelings

19 May, 2020Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - May 2020980

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

22 May, 2020New Moon965

Kate Spreckley

5 May, 2020A World in Rebirth....963

Ann Albers

29 May, 2020A Period of Completion935

Spirit Pathways

20 May, 2020Gemini Brings A Breath Of Fresh Air!933

Kari Samuels

24 May, 2020Do This and Everything Will Be More Than Okay919

Cheryl Richardson

8 May, 2020Step out of the Old912

Spirit Pathways

14 May, 2020Jupiter Retrograde911

Spirit Pathways

5 May, 2020A Moment In (And out) of Time - Part 2887

Pepper Lewis

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