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30 June, 2021 Building Momentum – July 20211321

Emmanuel Dagher

30 June, 2021Cancer ~ Energy of the Month615

Karmic Tools

30 June, 2021Allow the Shifts & Changes to Settle733

Spirit Pathways

29 June, 2021Receiving the Expansion954

Ailia Mira

29 June, 2021A Moment to Breathe561

Spirit Pathways

28 June, 2021Listen. Your Heart is Talking1059

Brenda Hoffman

28 June, 2021Liminal Space598

Spirit Pathways

28 June, 2021Embracing Your Current Position in the Human Race357

Sonia Barrett

28 June, 2021The Healing Power of Nature380

David R. Hamilton PhD

28 June, 2021It's The Little Things - Transformational Signs677


27 June, 2021Feline Self-Care Wisdom364

Cheryl Richardson

27 June, 2021Etheric Light Energy545

Owen Waters

27 June, 2021Weekly Forecast: June 27 – July 3, 2021559

Karmic Tools

26 June, 2021Does Your Focus Spark Joy?631

Ann Albers

26 June, 2021Cancer Energy ~ Assimilate the New & Eliminate the Old468

Karmic Tools

25 June, 2021July 2021 Ascension Energies – Sacred Self1336

Jamye Price

25 June, 2021Period of Purification981

Spirit Pathways

24 June, 2021Full Moon - Slow and Steady879

Spirit Pathways

23 June, 2021Use This Time Wisely841

Spirit Pathways

22 June, 2021Metamorphosis859

Spirit Pathways

22 June, 2021Dark Into Light1123


22 June, 2021Hallelujah! Mercury is direct!824

Kari Samuels

22 June, 2021Your Intellect is Limited to Earth Experiences940

Brenda Hoffman

22 June, 2021You Are Precious and I Love You596

Lorna Byrne

21 June, 2021An Important Turn740

Spirit Pathways

20 June, 2021The Solstice Assists the Integration of Timelines748

Goddess Light

20 June, 2021My Guardian Angel368

Cheryl Richardson

20 June, 2021The Solstice Light 739

Shanta Gabriel

19 June, 2021From Exhaustion to Inspiration & Tools for Happiness715

Ann Albers

18 June, 2021Solstice Gateway787

Spirit Pathways

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