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1 April, 2021Forgive the Past410

Spirit Pathways

1 April, 2021Ascension Amnesia Shift Symptoms1482

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

1 April, 2021The Divine Light Grid of the New Earth – April 20211397

Emmanuel Dagher

1 April, 2021Monthly Astro-Forecasts April 20211058

Sarah-Jane Grace

1 April, 2021You Are a “White Fire Seed Atom” of All That Is788

Ronna Herman Vezane

2 April, 2021Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus: February 2021 – December 20211145

Sarah Varcas

2 April, 2021Aries ~ Energy of the Month809

Karmic Tools

2 April, 2021Rebirth & New Beginnings644

Spirit Pathways

2 April, 2021Energetic Update: Ascension Gateways Have Opened... 790

Lisa Transcendence Brown

3 April, 2021Living the Dream Awake578

Oakbridge University

3 April, 2021Embracing Death & Resurrection523

Ann Albers

4 April, 2021The Signals of Spring166

Cheryl Richardson

4 April, 2021Weekly Forecast: April 4 – 10, 2021489

Karmic Tools

5 April, 2021Feel Your Way Forward 349

Spirit Pathways

5 April, 2021Your Time Has Come897

Brenda Hoffman

5 April, 2021Yeshua Activates the Ascension for All779

Goddess Light

6 April, 2021A New Direction is Forming402

Spirit Pathways

6 April, 2021April 2021 Energy Report1301

Jennifer Hoffman

6 April, 2021Are You Vitamin T (Touch) Deficient?513

Dr. Judith Orloff

7 April, 2021The Inner Knowing that is Love566

Ailia Mira

7 April, 2021Uncharted Direction550

Spirit Pathways

8 April, 2021Keep Afloat549

Spirit Pathways

8 April, 2021Being a Lightworker1097

Jeshua Channelings

8 April, 2021The Flame of Your Inner World583

Jeshua Channelings

9 April, 2021New Moon878

Spirit Pathways

10 April, 2021The Stronger the Flow, the Stronger the Feelings643

Ann Albers

11 April, 2021Awakening to the Magic of Creative Manifestation : The Taurus/Pleiades Gate1438

Starchild Global

11 April, 2021 I Hope Something Good Happens To You Today269

Cheryl Richardson

11 April, 2021Weekly Forecast: April 11 – 17, 2021723

Karmic Tools

11 April, 2021Infinite Being: Infinite Possibilities421

Owen Waters

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