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11 April, 2021 I Hope Something Good Happens To You Today266

Cheryl Richardson

22 April, 2021 New Earth Multi-Dimensional LightBody782

Lisa Transcendence Brown

6 April, 2021A New Direction is Forming399

Spirit Pathways

6 April, 2021April 2021 Energy Report1286

Jennifer Hoffman

6 April, 2021Are You Vitamin T (Touch) Deficient?507

Dr. Judith Orloff

2 April, 2021Aries ~ Energy of the Month806

Karmic Tools

1 April, 2021Ascension Amnesia Shift Symptoms1371

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

26 April, 2021Attachment and Allowing517

Jim Self

18 April, 2021Awakening Expands Consciousness376

Goddess Light

11 April, 2021Awakening to the Magic of Creative Manifestation : The Taurus/Pleiades Gate1347

Starchild Global

22 April, 2021Be Proactive427

Spirit Pathways

13 April, 2021Be Responsive & Practical372

Spirit Pathways

8 April, 2021Being a Lightworker1035

Jeshua Channelings

28 April, 2021Building a Solid Foundation410

Spirit Pathways

29 April, 2021Choosing Between the Old & The New795

Spirit Pathways

20 April, 2021Consolidate Your Energy554

Spirit Pathways

21 April, 2021Deep Release Into Soul Embodiment1024

Nancy Leilah Ward

3 April, 2021Embracing Death & Resurrection515

Ann Albers

15 April, 2021Empower Your Soul Connection Part 1 - The Nature of the Mind403

Owen Waters

18 April, 2021Empower Your Soul Connection Part 2 - The Soul Connection Technique345

Owen Waters

2 April, 2021Energetic Update: Ascension Gateways Have Opened... 784

Lisa Transcendence Brown

30 April, 2021Evolutionary Flow470

Spirit Pathways

24 April, 2021Feel Good Feel God594

Ann Albers

5 April, 2021Feel Your Way Forward 348

Spirit Pathways

1 April, 2021Forgive the Past410

Spirit Pathways

16 April, 2021Gamma Gamma Gamma: Full on Cosmic Rays & Ultra High Frequencies974

Lisa Transcendence Brown

16 April, 2021Heed the Call of your Soul619

Spirit Pathways

23 April, 2021Hidden Influences Emerging985

Spirit Pathways

30 April, 2021If I Could Put Time in a Bottle….524

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

12 April, 2021If The Earth Could Speak - Our Role in What Happens Next525


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