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31 December, 2016Experiencing Unconditional Love827
21 December, 2016Celebrating You!1235
14 December, 2016December Solstice & the Emerging Potentials2483
30 November, 2016A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom1653
24 November, 2016Unconditional Love & the Value of Being Here, Now.1066
21 November, 2016Focus on the Light Within You1809
9 November, 2016Navigating Life in Clarity1883
2 November, 2016Hope, Liberation & the Rise of the Creator Gods1306
26 October, 2016We're Shifting Because of What You're Becoming! 2753
13 October, 2016Spherical Expansion into Greater Unity1510
5 October, 2016New Spectrums of Your Wholeness1161
28 September, 2016New Realities Open: Passion Returns2504
21 September, 2016The Equinox, the Void & Letting Go2364
14 September, 2016Human Emotions & the September 16 Lunar Eclipse2643
7 September, 2016Encouragement1751
31 August, 2016Divine Expression. Start Now.1708
24 August, 2016The Eclipse Cycle and Your Innate Authority2322
17 August, 2016The Time is Now - Be You, and Thrive3051
17 August, 2016Opening of the Eclipse Cycle2825
10 August, 2016Passé Energy Structures are Clearing3081
21 July, 2016The Promise of Ascension2563
15 July, 2016Reassurance in Difficult Times1703
17 June, 2016The Great Invitation1456
1 May, 2016The Way is Open2476
23 April, 2016Unfolding the Pure Line of Spirit1453
20 April, 2016It Is Up to You2104
5 March, 2016You, in Your Humanness, Are the Key2284
8 February, 2016Resting in Universal Energies Accelerates Your Evolution2997
5 February, 2016The Planetary Parade2717
28 January, 2016Choosing a Soulful Life2595