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28 December, 2019Look Back With Love602
21 December, 2019Happy Season of Light833
17 December, 2019A Year of Being More True to You652
7 December, 2019Imagine... Your Favorite Feelings902
30 November, 2019Giving from Joy!339
23 November, 2019Appreciate Your Self in All Creation515
16 November, 2019Controlling Your Inner World954
9 November, 2019Finding Clarity in Confusion...721
2 November, 2019You Really Can't Fail!704
26 October, 2019Peace or Chaos..636
19 October, 2019What's Really Real?558
12 October, 2019Choices, Choices...869
6 October, 2019 Perspective, Storms, & Sunshine....730
28 September, 2019Travel Plans for the Soul745
21 September, 2019Banish Unworthiness....865
16 September, 2019Soul-satisfying Synchronicities996
7 September, 2019How to Pray More Powerfully863
31 August, 2019 Connecting with the Infinite526
24 August, 2019Fear or Infinite Possibility889
17 August, 2019 Embracing Challenge and Fear918
10 August, 2019Peace Amidst Life's Storms645
3 August, 2019Don't Let Your Focus Flicker708
27 July, 2019The World Needs Your Peace... Now.581
20 July, 2019Cells, Souls, & the Good of the Whole1069
13 July, 2019Our Mother Wants us to Love640
6 July, 2019No Act of Love is Ever too Small420
29 June, 2019Forgiving Yourself....901
22 June, 2019The Courage to Forgive544
15 June, 2019Programming Your Sleep682
8 June, 2019Dealing with Challenges/Finding Love906