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12 January, 2019 A Visit from the Divine Feminine843
31 August, 2019 Connecting with the Infinite510
17 August, 2019 Embracing Challenge and Fear904
30 March, 2019 Embracing Joy... No Matter What869
6 October, 2019 Perspective, Storms, & Sunshine....689
21 September, 2019Banish Unworthiness....832
20 July, 2019Cells, Souls, & the Good of the Whole1053
8 June, 2019Dealing with Challenges/Finding Love890
3 August, 2019Don't Let Your Focus Flicker695
24 August, 2019Fear or Infinite Possibility873
25 May, 2019Feeling Connection778
29 June, 2019Forgiving Yourself....883
19 January, 2019God doesn't want you to settle!951
4 May, 2019Got Challenges? Find Opportunities!612
13 April, 2019Got Guidance? Yes!1117
7 September, 2019How to Pray More Powerfully824
16 March, 2019Life - The Soul's Dream530
23 March, 2019Little Deaths, New Births, and more...958
16 February, 2019Living in the intersection between Heaven & Earth629
2 February, 2019Love and the Flu834
2 March, 2019Love Feels Better!656
9 March, 2019Making Peace with Change666
5 June, 2019Moving Beyond Judgment...924
6 July, 2019No Act of Love is Ever too Small413
13 July, 2019Our Mother Wants us to Love632
10 August, 2019Peace Amidst Life's Storms623
15 June, 2019Programming Your Sleep647
27 April, 2019Programming yourself.... and this week's spiritual adventure!583
6 April, 2019Putting My Fears on Ice!700
5 January, 2019Resolutions vs. Real Solutions553