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24 July, 2021Intentions That Manifest744
19 July, 2021Riding the Waves of Love536
10 July, 2021Who Do You Want to Be?378
3 July, 2021Are You Really Free? Yes!728
26 June, 2021Does Your Focus Spark Joy?624
19 June, 2021From Exhaustion to Inspiration & Tools for Happiness710
12 June, 2021Untether the Rope....667
8 June, 2021Obi Wan Had it Right!654
29 May, 2021Force, Source, Impulse, & Surrender481
22 May, 2021What Would Your Loving Heart Do?443
15 May, 2021Relax... Let Your Vibe Naturally Rise726
1 May, 2021Getting in Your Flow523
1 May, 2021Rebirthing Ourselves526
24 April, 2021Feel Good Feel God611
17 April, 2021You've Got Guidance!911
10 April, 2021The Stronger the Flow, the Stronger the Feelings646
3 April, 2021Embracing Death & Resurrection525
27 March, 2021Would Your Rather Be Happy or Right?521
23 March, 2021Memories, Daydreams, Tuning in the Present445
13 March, 2021Loved Exactly as You Are472
6 March, 2021Your Truth My Truth So Many Truths!470
27 February, 2021 Dancing in Harmony in a Diverse Universe499
20 February, 2021Patience, Appreciation, Answers640
13 February, 2021Challenges or Opportunities? Your Choice.486
6 February, 2021Calm in the Center of the Storm785
30 January, 2021Here. Now. Take Charge of Your Tuner618
25 January, 2021 Avoiding the Agony of Over-Analysis557
16 January, 2021Peace Amidst Diverse Perspectives460
9 January, 2021Your World or "the" World?767
6 January, 2021Resonance vs. Right & Wrong710