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25 December, 2012You’re a Pied Piper of Joy2865
22 December, 2012Your New Earth Game Plan Starts 12/22/125618
11 December, 2012Who Should be “Saved” on 12/12/12 or 12/21/12?5086
4 December, 2012You’re Becoming 3D Ghosts3499
27 November, 2012Skipping Through the Dimensions4473
20 November, 2012Physically, the New Age Isn’t What You Imagine6014
12 November, 2012As of This Week, 3rd Dimension Beings Aren’t in Control6418
6 November, 2012You Can’t Fear and Love Yourself2916
23 October, 2012Remove Your Core Fear; Claim Your Super Powers4229
16 October, 2012New Job, New Role and Many Fears4217
9 October, 2012Should You Ignore the Fears of Others?3176
2 October, 2012Accelerate Your New Joy Cells2866
2 October, 2012Don’t Put Yourself in a New Age Box3266
23 September, 2012The Universes are Showering You with Joy3387
17 September, 2012Explore Your Random Sparkle and Fun471
11 September, 2012Claim The Freedom You Created496
4 September, 2012You’ve Cleared Your Fears – Move On522
28 August, 2012Pass The Joy687
21 August, 2012Love’s Evolving From Drama To Comedy461
14 August, 2012Joy is Your Teacher; Pain is Your Compass527
7 August, 2012No One Can Tell You Who You Are405
31 July, 2012Happy Sparkling New Life to You!422
24 July, 2012When Did You Begin to Fear Change?496
16 July, 2012How are Your Food Cravings Changing?654
9 July, 2012You’re Ready for Joy College – The Eclipses Are Over486
3 July, 2012Don’t Waste Your Daydreams461
26 June, 2012Use Your New JOY Power Pack405
19 June, 2012Burst Into Bloom With This Solstice414
12 June, 2012We’re Our Gateway To The Good Life361
5 June, 2012Aliens in Spaceships Have Landed – They’re You524