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22 June, 2015You’ve Always Been the Motivating CEO of You1524
8 June, 2015Gloriously Bright Stars - Not Missionaries1597
29 June, 2015Do Observers Make You Feel Guilty?1614
24 August, 2015Where Do You Rank?1644
23 November, 2015Evolving From Success to Security1730
13 July, 2015New You and Your Personal Experience Lab1805
14 December, 2015From Nice to Large Creations1898
5 October, 2015From Love to Creation Lessons1984
2 November, 2015Glory in Your Expectation of Joy2019
11 May, 2015You’ve Grasped the Brass Ring of You2154
9 November, 2015Where’s My Earth Dream?2197
19 October, 2015Remember You2205
6 July, 2015Who Do You Wish to Be?2234
26 October, 2015The Past is Past2308
10 August, 2015Applying Your New Skill Set2379
7 December, 2015It’s Your Graduation2498
20 April, 2015Are Your Dreams of 3D?2577
9 February, 2015Play is Your Lesson Today… and Forevermore2658
23 March, 2015The Sky is NOT the Limit2662
27 January, 2015Is Your Joy of the Future?2662
1 December, 2015You’re the One2707
2 June, 2015Retooling, Refining2753
20 July, 2015Alien Spaceships – Global Reality?2778
28 December, 2015Create and Celebrate2799
28 September, 2015Bubbles of Joy2893
7 September, 2015Initiating Your Heaven on Earth2943
31 August, 2015Ascension and Fear2974
25 May, 2015No More Expected Patterns3047
15 June, 2015Entering a New Creation Stage3049
4 May, 2015You’re Rebuilding You3055