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1 August, 2016You’re a 5D Super Infant1953
9 August, 2016Are You Afraid of You?1901
15 August, 20165D Love is a Larger Experience1406
23 August, 2016Removing Your Spacesuit2374
29 August, 2016From “Oh NO!” to “Whatever.”?2556
5 September, 2016You REALLY are of 5D or Beyond1786
12 September, 2016Your Collective is Likely Pondering1966
19 September, 20165D Puberty2014
26 September, 2016Self-Kudos and Self-Direction are Called For1611
3 October, 2016You’re of the 3D Audience Now1144
10 October, 2016I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!2467
17 October, 2016New You is Undefinable1494
24 October, 2016Finding New You2269
31 October, 2016Believe in Yourself1113
7 November, 2016Have You Discovered Your Happy Pill?1732
14 November, 2016Creating a New Global Society1509
22 November, 2016Surface Wounds Clear Easily1882
28 November, 2016Who Will You Choose?2301
5 December, 2016You’re the Parent Clearing Boogeymen Now1722
11 December, 2016Freedom for You and Me1189
19 December, 2016Surprising New Segments2208
25 December, 2016Understanding Power Mongers2498