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15 August, 20165D Love is a Larger Experience1404
19 September, 20165D Puberty2013
18 April, 2016All Structures – Including Astrology – are Shifting2295
30 May, 2016Are You a Secret Dictator?1543
9 August, 2016Are You Afraid of You?1901
2 May, 2016Are You Feeling the Void?2429
31 October, 2016Believe in Yourself1113
18 January, 2016Claim Yourself!2016
14 November, 2016Creating a New Global Society1509
29 February, 2016Creating Without Repercussion Fears2579
11 January, 2016Earth Dreams Require Dedicated Self-love2469
7 June, 2016Enough of Fear Clearing Already!2068
24 October, 2016Finding New You2269
4 July, 2016Focus1501
11 December, 2016Freedom for You and Me1189
29 August, 2016From “Oh NO!” to “Whatever.”?2556
21 March, 2016Good-bye Fear Friend2013
15 March, 2016Growing into Universal Adults1453
7 November, 2016Have You Discovered Your Happy Pill?1730
11 July, 2016Is Earth on Your Shoulders?1745
28 March, 2016Isn’t it Time to Stop Sacrificing?2516
10 October, 2016I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!2467
13 June, 2016Learning to be Sovereign1425
25 April, 2016Loving Earth, Loving Yourself1655
4 January, 2016New Frequencies are Waiting3878
17 October, 2016New You is Undefinable1494
23 May, 2016NO!2761
23 August, 2016Removing Your Spacesuit2374
20 June, 2016Rest – You’ve Achieved Your Gold Medal2029
8 March, 2016Revising Your Paint Palette1292