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28 December, 2020Adding Your Puzzle Pieces961
21 December, 2020Friendship Loss?1006
15 December, 2020Rest1461
7 December, 2020Pouring Your Foundation991
30 November, 2020Allow Them to Bloom745
23 November, 2020Your Future Segments Have This1262
16 November, 2020Not Losing it, Changing it1134
9 November, 2020Tomorrow is Here1086
2 November, 2020Are You Ready to Flit?1057
26 October, 2020Adding Not Subtracting1089
19 October, 2020Wrong is So Yesterday929
13 October, 2020It Really Is All About You982
5 October, 2020Rejoining the World795
28 September, 2020Giving Away Your Power885
22 September, 2020Pulling Back the Curtain1340
14 September, 2020Bringing a Slingshot to an Atomic War1072
7 September, 2020Addressing Your Inner PTSD1418
31 August, 2020Are You Fighting With Yourself?937
25 August, 2020Stop Directing the Second Wave1547
17 August, 2020The Second Wave are the Re-builders1477
10 August, 2020Practice Time is Over1316
3 August, 2020Refilling Your Vessel1231
28 July, 2020Others Will Evolve Without Your Interference1179
20 July, 2020Practicing Your Global Creation Skills993
13 July, 2020The Rebuild Begins1325
6 July, 2020Confused About Expressing Your Joy?750
29 June, 2020Your Power Can’t Transfer1402
22 June, 2020Of Course!1318
16 June, 2020Congratulations!1162
8 June, 2020Perfect Harmony1122