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29 November, 2021Stop Planning for the Unknown593
22 November, 2021You’re Maturing at Warp Speed999
16 November, 2021You’re the Rock Star of Now900
8 November, 2021Holiday Season Nostalgia581
1 November, 2021How are You Rewarding Yourself?557
25 October, 2021Stop Pouting and Start Creating875
18 October, 2021A Universal Vacation Destination873
11 October, 2021Wake Up and Accept Your Power761
5 October, 2021Your Wave Followers Need Opposition807
27 September, 2021Rapidly Changing Your Life During Dream/Meditative Time855
20 September, 2021You’re Larger Than 3D Life939
13 September, 2021You’re Not a Helicopter Parent627
6 September, 2021Get Out of Your Own Way916
30 August, 2021Release Your Guilt About Universal Shoulds768
23 August, 2021Everyone Now of Earth Is an Earth Angel1144
16 August, 2021Honesty is the New Social Game957
8 August, 2021Stop. Rest. Play. Push the Easy Button909
2 August, 2021Auditioning Your New Acting Company Members726
26 July, 2021This Isn’t Who I Am, Is It?1063
19 July, 2021Pulling Up Your Significant Other956
12 July, 2021New You Development is Subtle and Gentle719
5 July, 2021That Part of Your Earth Life is Over881
28 June, 2021Listen. Your Heart is Talking1052
22 June, 2021Your Intellect is Limited to Earth Experiences939
14 June, 2021You’re on a Personal Time Clock1123
7 June, 2021Logic is Illogical819
31 May, 2021Beyond the Veils865
24 May, 2021Accepting Your Sovereignty913
17 May, 2021It’s Their Dark Night of the Soul, Not Yours1185
10 May, 2021Superman or Wonder Woman Without Disguises878