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18 December, 2009So This is Christmas and the Solstice Festival3416
11 December, 2009The Purpose of Love is Love and Passion!3871
7 December, 2009Wild and Free4558
1 December, 2009 Is it REALLY what you want?3818
30 November, 2009The Energies for December 20095082
18 November, 2009Changes - Creating Sacred Spaces with the New Rose Energy Grids3485
14 November, 2009Roses & Diamonds...and the principles of "Love in Motion"3150
2 November, 2009The Sacred Rose Gathering in Buenos Aires2867
30 October, 2009Chaos and Form - The Flower of Love and the Patterns of Becoming3098
23 October, 2009The Energies for November 20099744
18 October, 2009The Quantum Shift and the New Reality...Now4241
7 October, 2009Becoming an Instrument of God's Peace and our Relationship with Animals3820
5 October, 2009The Energies for October 20095435
18 September, 2009Keeping your Balance and not Falling into Fear3719
17 September, 2009Clarity and Compassion After the 9:9:93297
1 September, 2009The Energies for September 20098041
9 August, 2009The Energies For August 20096462
23 July, 2009The Total Eclipse and the Cosmic Christ Energy4736
16 July, 2009Between the Inbreath and the Outbreath - The Emerging New Consciousness3404
9 July, 2009The Emergence of the Christed Male Energy3251
8 July, 2009The Energies for July 20098505
4 June, 2009The Energies for June 20095228
2 June, 2009The First Crop Circles from the UK...a Cosmic Jellyfish!4236
1 June, 2009Loving Energies for the Whales and Dolphins2691
31 May, 2009The Dream of the Whales and a Deep Despair2337
27 May, 2009The Cosmic ReConnection and Letting Go3677
22 May, 2009The Buenos Aires Gathering & the message on the back of a bus!1512
15 May, 2009Becoming a Diamond Mirror2580
5 May, 2009The Energies For May 20098718
1 May, 2009The Moment of Victory - The Journey of Planetary Ascension2775