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9 November, 2010The New Earth Rises: November 20107293
21 September, 2010The Equinox: Earth Magnetics and Balance Towards Stepping into the New Reality6534
7 September, 2010The New Earth Energies for August and September 20107582
28 August, 2010The "Big Disconnect" and the Earth Changes5317
26 July, 2010The New Year, The Lion's Gate and the Authentic Expression of "You"!6414
10 July, 2010The New Earth Energies for July 20106978
28 June, 2010The Space In Between or Cooking in the Pressure Cooker of (Conscious) Evolution3788
26 June, 2010A Passion for Life, Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Grand Cross5763
20 June, 2010The Crossroads and the Way Forward4052
18 June, 2010The Noosphere and Playing on the Hologram3903
10 June, 2010The Upcoming Powerful Alignments and the Shift from "I" to "Us5367
31 May, 2010The Fifth Dimension and the Family of Humanity3918
29 May, 2010Heaven is a Place on Earth : The Radiance of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth in Action7205
27 May, 2010The New Earth Energies for May/June 20106971
4 April, 2010The Energies for April 20105720
28 March, 2010Easter 2010: Ascension, Transformation and Coming into "Right Relationship"6882
24 March, 2010After the Equinox: The Recalibration and The Flowers of Peace and Love3748
11 March, 2010Geomagnetics, Earthquakes and Earth Changes leading to the Equinox5889
2 March, 2010The Energies for March 201011270
25 February, 2010Everything is Partnership and Co-Creation4604
18 February, 2010The Big Acceleration, the Big Hiatus and an Owl Story5093
12 February, 2010The Energies for February 20108496
25 January, 2010The Peace that Passes Understanding 3250
16 January, 2010The Energies for January 20105739
14 January, 2010Energy Shifts, Solar Eclipse, Solar Flares and Earthquakes10332
1 January, 20102010 : The Year of the Crystal Rose of Peace5654