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31 December, 2011The New Earth Energies December 2011 / January 20126254
24 October, 2011The New Earth Energies October 201111370
9 October, 2011New Earth Rising : ReConnecting and Remembering Who We Are7875
23 September, 2011Meditation For The September Equinox 20116830
8 September, 2011The New Earth Energies September 20118467
25 July, 2011The New Earth Energies July 20118981
1 July, 2011New Earth Rising : The Solar Eclipse of July 1st8288
20 June, 2011Meditation for the June Solstice 20117551
15 June, 2011The New Earth Energies June 20116744
7 June, 2011New Earth Rising: Mastering Time and Embracing the Energy of Love & Support13038
15 May, 2011The New Earth Energies May 201110145
24 April, 2011Easter 2011 - The Old and The New and his Time of Transition5889
8 April, 2011The New Earth Energies April 20117080
6 April, 2011Eco-Spirituality: Growing a House - Indigo Leadership for the New Reality4318
22 March, 2011Equinox March 2011: The Birth of Unity Consciousness5942
21 March, 2011Switching Tracks and Rewriting the Planetary Akasha5380
20 March, 2011Full Moon, Equinox and the Planetary "Emergency"5386
7 March, 2011The 9th Wave and Finding Ourselves while honoring the wisdom of the Past7264
2 March, 2011The Indigo Revolutions and Integrating the Ancient Wisdoms into the Collective Consciousness6061
9 February, 2011The New Earth Energies February 20117591
20 January, 2011New Earth Rising: Wolf Moon /Leopard Moon and Living in a Vertical Reality5141
7 January, 2011The New Earth Energies January 201115105
7 January, 2011A New Year and a New Beginning4191