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16 December, 2012Universal Truths: Inspiring Peace of Mind3255
9 December, 2012Sensitive Soul: You are never alone5407
26 November, 2012Holiday Help: Planning for a Good Time2116
18 November, 2012The Thank You Game: Share the wealth2455
12 November, 2012Cover Your Assets: Put Your Mind To Rest752
21 October, 2012The Power of Touch: Are You Sharing The Love?2310
15 October, 2012My Accomplishments: A Self-Confidence Booster418
14 October, 2012My Accomplishments: A Self-Confidence Booster4586
7 October, 2012Birthing the New: Make Space for What's Next2988
17 September, 2012Believe In Your Desires: Ask For What You Want445
2 September, 2012New Voices: Become a Safe Haven2320
26 August, 2012Energizing Thoughts: Put Your Energy To Good Use3992
30 July, 2012Listen And Learn466
22 July, 2012So Sensitive: Are You Tired of Sucking it Up?4788
15 July, 2012Watch Your Words: Change The Way You Speak and Your Whole Life Will Change4311
8 July, 2012Divine Support: Ask for Signs of Grace4309
1 July, 2012Nora Ephron's List350
24 June, 2012Life Review: Inventory your success2519
17 June, 2012Memory Lane393
15 June, 2012Does That Anger Taste Good?3125
11 June, 2012Move Me385
3 June, 2012Reclaim The Feminine: Pay Homage To your Inner Life2437
28 May, 2012Remembrance495
24 May, 2012Take Your Hands Off the Wheel4255
21 May, 2012New Beliefs: Positive, Powerful, Permanent3659
11 May, 2012You're So Sensitive4544
29 April, 2012The Tapping Summit565
26 April, 2012Let Me Disappoint You4082
23 April, 2012Space Making388
16 April, 2012Mirror Neurons297