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28 December, 2008Making Love with Life1739
25 December, 2008 Christmas Message from Jesus2321
16 December, 2008God’s Call This Christmas: Stepping into the Light of the Christos1545
16 December, 2008Holding the Pattern for Humanity1214
30 November, 2008How We Move Beyond Judgment1362
18 November, 2008Transcendent Safety: Living in the New World Energy1686
11 November, 2008The Only Way to Create the New World1689
4 November, 2008Holding the Feeling Tone of the New World1430
30 October, 2008Opening Now to Limitless, Glorious, Spectacular, Explosive Life!1670
23 October, 2008The Truth About Nature - God Calls Us to the Natural World1872
5 October, 2008Choosing the New World, No Matter How You Feel1818
28 September, 2008Holding the Focus of Love in a Changing World992
26 September, 2008Releasing the “Self-Protection” of the Ego2688
23 September, 2008Full Circle: Becoming the Transparent Heart951
21 September, 2008The Call Back to Our Real Love for God1258
16 September, 2008Drinking the Light Three Times a Day1097
7 September, 2008The Meeting of Heaven and Earth1533
26 August, 2008It is Time to be Reborn in the Spirit2679
26 August, 2008Unconditional Positive Regard2267
15 August, 2008Breathing in Love With Every Breath2460
5 August, 2008Reversing the Ego’s Little Boxes1500
29 July, 2008Creating from the Real Through Consciousness and Love1029
27 July, 2008Living from Within Outward - Be As Little Children2980
23 July, 2008Consciously Feed the Atoms of Your Being1630
19 July, 2008Making the Choice to be No Longer Against Anything1880
18 July, 2008What Are You Choosing?1147
15 July, 2008Moving Beyond Words and Language1631
13 July, 2008Allowing At Last the Real Flow of Life1240
1 July, 2008Resistance Creates Separation1127
1 July, 2008Love Is What We Experience.1136