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30 December, 2009Accept Your Perfection From Me - A New Year’s Message2509
20 December, 2009The Christmas Message2257
4 December, 2009Stop the Pendulum of Duality for Others2900
24 November, 2009Gratitude and Wonder Open the Heart’s Doorway3094
12 November, 2009The Heart of God Only Loves2164
14 October, 2009Keys to Abundance Pt. 22996
13 October, 2009Keys to Abundance 3225
15 September, 2009I Am Life!2841
13 September, 2009Keys to the New World: Forgiveness and Love2466
11 September, 2009In the Midst of the Shift3034
4 August, 2009This Is the Moment When We Take Our Stand 3123
28 July, 2009Your Hearts Are Born Anew This Day2002
27 July, 2009Standing on the Cusp of Two Worlds2028
26 July, 2009Seeing the World That Love Built2388
18 July, 2009A Message from the Nature Spirits and the Animals3009
15 July, 2009True Faith: The Heart’s Reality In These Times2328
1 June, 2009The Secret of “The Secret”2861
28 May, 2009Your Heart and the Transforming Power of Love2281
12 May, 2009Being the Conduit for Love2800
27 April, 2009A Message for These Times: Choosing the World of the Heart1702
7 April, 2009The Easter Message - The Open Doorway2393
1 April, 2009The Return of the Feminine Christ5389
29 March, 2009Change the Screen - Program 1 and Program 21596
17 March, 2009Facing Me Until You See Me in Everything2335
3 March, 2009The Mind and The Heart1701
3 March, 2009God’s Intimate Availability2032
24 February, 2009A Shift in Perception Brings You Into the Freedom of God1581
21 February, 2009I Am Everything1370
17 February, 2009Omni-Dimensional Pulsations of Love2804
13 February, 2009The Powerful Movement of Divine Feelings2538