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31 December, 2012Stepping Into The New World As We Step Into The New Year2559
20 December, 2012The World Becomes a Reflection of Our Reunion with God338
14 December, 2012In the Face of Old World Images of Tragedy, Make the Choice for the Truth of Love and Endless Life2231
11 December, 2012Communion with God Will Hold the Resonance Needed for the Shift2474
29 November, 2012The Heartbeat of God Within Us - Being the Conduit of Endless Good765
26 November, 2012You Are Meant to Influence the World3552
1 November, 2012The Light at the Center of Your Heart925
29 October, 2012The Blending of Heaven and Earth2298
21 October, 2012Living Directly from God444
9 October, 2012 This Is the Time of Expansion555
30 September, 2012There Are Doorways Opening Everywhere372
20 September, 2012Become the Experience of Your Limitless Hearts591
7 September, 2012Beyond Concepts, The Heart Sees Everything at Once: Communion with God, the Gift of Our Relationship340
8 August, 2012Your Heart Is In Service1645
28 May, 2012Proof of Life and Love1797
19 May, 2012Your Hearts Contain Every Ray Of the Fires of Creation2004
12 May, 2012The Open Heart Embraces Everything2221
7 May, 2012Heart Markers1993
3 May, 2012The Table of Life2167
11 April, 2012The Fire in Your Hearts1875
7 April, 2012Let Love Create You2336
5 April, 2012There Are No Separate Hearts1744
31 March, 2012You Are My Prayer of Gratitude2767
11 March, 2012100% Committed to the Celebration of Life2627
5 March, 2012The Secret to Creating the World of Love3105
25 February, 2012The 100%! Creating the Shift in Focus2146
25 February, 2012The 100%! Creating True Prosperity2881
9 February, 2012Let Me Hold You in the Resonance of Love1628
1 February, 2012Living in Joyous Communion with Life2305
24 January, 2012Sourcing the New World From Within1788