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11 July, 2013July 17 Grand Trine: Making the Impossible Possible8315
16 July, 2013July 2013 Monthly Visions: Entering Our Next Level18755
19 June, 2013June 2013 Monthly Visions: Waving not Drowning - Just Keep Swimming 6318
28 June, 2013Jupiter in Cancer and the New Politics4159
2 July, 2013Keeping Up With The Humans5503
6 June, 2013Knock Knock, it's the Past calling 5685
30 July, 2013Letting Go of Worry, Letting in a Solution4911
9 October, 2013Living in 'Now' Time2890
23 May, 2013Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Freedom and Power8095
15 October, 2013M Class Solar Flare Heightening Emotions and Synchronicities6035
23 July, 2013Manifesting and 'Positive Thinking'3045
15 May, 2013May 2013 Monthly Visions Part 1: Intensification and Polarisation 8981
15 May, 2013May 2013 Monthly Visions Part 2: The Disconnection prior to the New Connection 9594
15 April, 2013Moving into our Power 5241
26 November, 2013New Awareness Can Feel Depressing4705
18 October, 2013NSW Fires and Lunar Eclipse in Aries4750
1 October, 2013October 1: The CME Release Continues4463
25 September, 2013Onward and Upward LightWarriors!5825
12 December, 2013Our New Play-Doh Reality3457
9 April, 2013Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities 8366
28 January, 2013Pulling Back the Curtain of Oz 3149
19 March, 2013Riding the River in Whichever Way you Choose 2386
29 October, 2013Solar Flares: Shaking Us Awake11948
30 May, 2013Solar Winds and Finding your Anchor7451
12 August, 2013Spring Cleaning Time3729
17 September, 2013The Blanket of Depression6617
12 March, 2013The Car that Wouldn’t Sell...until I got the Message 6359
17 June, 2013The Coffee Angel5866
23 April, 2013The Eclipses: God Time 5680
28 January, 2013The Emperor's New Clothes 805