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21 December, 2013Venus Retrograde and Christmas4154
18 December, 2013What does your 'Shop' look like?2727
12 December, 2013Our New Play-Doh Reality3457
10 December, 2013Where is Our Redundancy Package?3152
3 December, 2013The Thanksgiving and Appreciation Comet2085
26 November, 2013New Awareness Can Feel Depressing4705
19 November, 2013The Sun's Field Flipped 11 Years Ago...Why Is This Time Any Different?4587
18 November, 2013Comet ISON: The Arrow Effect5723
12 November, 2013Double Whammy X Flares: Clean and Clear your Energy!5715
8 November, 2013Being Squeezified and Juicified3567
5 November, 2013Are You Living on 'Rush' Time?2388
29 October, 2013Solar Flares: Shaking Us Awake11948
21 October, 2013For Anyone Still Asking "When is Ascension Going to Happen?"6300
18 October, 2013NSW Fires and Lunar Eclipse in Aries4750
15 October, 2013M Class Solar Flare Heightening Emotions and Synchronicities6035
14 October, 2013The World is Ready for You Now3124
9 October, 2013Living in 'Now' Time2890
7 October, 2013Energetic and Emotional Over-Drive5051
1 October, 2013October 1: The CME Release Continues4463
30 September, 201330 September CME: A Release of Energy 3475
25 September, 2013Onward and Upward LightWarriors!5825
17 September, 2013The Blanket of Depression6617
12 September, 2013The Interaction Between Mars, Pluto and Chiron5973
4 September, 2013Healing and Grieving Old Wounds5413
2 September, 2013A New Spiral Cycle3580
29 August, 2013Instant Clarity Coming Now9804
16 August, 2013August 2013 Monthly Visions: Super Charged Sensitivity5934
12 August, 2013Spring Cleaning Time3729
6 August, 2013Igniting Like Rockets9614
30 July, 2013Letting Go of Worry, Letting in a Solution4911