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13 April, 2016You Are Stronger than You Know2104
16 September, 2016Wild September Down the Freedom Freeway2862
10 February, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Sending light2009
16 February, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Moving Beyond Doubt1920
16 March, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Love trumps Trump3337
2 March, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Cave Time Is Good For Your Soul1807
24 February, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Are you hiding?1739
12 July, 2016United We Stand, Divided We Fall1795
16 November, 2016The Shadow Lands1804
17 February, 2016Solar Flares, Wifi and Bees3709
1 September, 2016Solar Eclipse: Moving on from 'not enough' land2730
31 March, 2016Shaken Not Stirred: Coming Out of the Eclipses2891
7 September, 2016September: "I came in like a...rainbow?!"2016
14 August, 2016Saturn Direct: Your Helicopter Moment2729
9 March, 2016New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces1955
29 April, 2016Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: Self Value & Worth3197
22 January, 2016Mercury Direct: A Second Beginning To The New Year3020
24 August, 2016Mars + Saturn Conjunct 2467
17 August, 2016Lunar Eclipse Aquarius: Expect The Unexpected2591
28 September, 2016Keep The Faith1889
12 May, 2016Jupiter: "I'm back baby!"3143
28 April, 2016Juicy Manifesting2789
6 September, 2016In the Eclipse Tunnel: Up is Down, Left is Right2577
21 June, 2016Galactic Centre Full Moon1829
20 May, 2016Full Moon, Mars and Mercury3303
23 March, 2016Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra3100
5 August, 2016Freedom, Truth and Power2003
19 April, 2016Five Planets Retrograde - Time to Clean House and Power Up8060
4 February, 2016Chaos and Power2338
27 May, 2016Being The 'New' You Around Your 'Old' Life3235