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8 January, 20162016 Energy: Consciousness in Action2103
22 January, 2016Mercury Direct: A Second Beginning To The New Year3020
4 February, 2016Chaos and Power2338
10 February, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Sending light2009
16 February, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Moving Beyond Doubt1920
17 February, 2016Solar Flares, Wifi and Bees3709
24 February, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Are you hiding?1739
2 March, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Cave Time Is Good For Your Soul1807
9 March, 2016New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces1955
16 March, 2016Wednesday Wisdom Seeds: Love trumps Trump3337
23 March, 2016Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra3100
31 March, 2016Shaken Not Stirred: Coming Out of the Eclipses2891
7 April, 2016 It's All Going Pear-Shaped - Right on Schedule2565
13 April, 2016You Are Stronger than You Know2104
19 April, 2016Five Planets Retrograde - Time to Clean House and Power Up8060
28 April, 2016Juicy Manifesting2789
29 April, 2016Mercury Retrograde in Taurus: Self Value & Worth3197
12 May, 2016Jupiter: "I'm back baby!"3143
20 May, 2016Full Moon, Mars and Mercury3303
27 May, 2016Being The 'New' You Around Your 'Old' Life3235
21 June, 2016Galactic Centre Full Moon1829
12 July, 2016United We Stand, Divided We Fall1795
5 August, 2016Freedom, Truth and Power2003
14 August, 2016Saturn Direct: Your Helicopter Moment2729
17 August, 2016Lunar Eclipse Aquarius: Expect The Unexpected2591
24 August, 2016Mars + Saturn Conjunct 2467
1 September, 2016Solar Eclipse: Moving on from 'not enough' land2730
6 September, 2016In the Eclipse Tunnel: Up is Down, Left is Right2577
7 September, 2016September: "I came in like a...rainbow?!"2016
16 September, 2016Wild September Down the Freedom Freeway2862