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20 December, 2015Celebrate Life! 1039
6 December, 2015Clearing the Unconscious 1583
15 November, 2015Living with Conscious Awareness848
1 November, 2015Playfulness and Your DNA2266
18 October, 2015New Beginnings1770
5 October, 2015Relief from the Intense Energies2814
21 September, 2015Step Into Balanced Energy1202
7 September, 2015Understanding Levels of Energy1889
19 August, 2015Opening Alignment with Your Divinity2107
16 August, 2015Abundance and the Lion's Gate1670
2 August, 2015The Sun and Moon in Balance1425
5 July, 2015The Freedom in Consciousness894
21 June, 2015Cellular Regeneration2346
7 June, 2015Shifting Time1700
17 May, 2015Balancing Your Life1175
3 May, 2015Wesak Transformation1252
19 April, 2015Clearing Old Imprints1399
5 April, 2015Seven Energies of Light Speak1919
15 February, 2015Transformational Love1633
1 February, 2015Illuminate Your Unconscious1405
18 January, 2015Open the Flow to Your Soul2031
4 January, 2015Expressing Your Authentic Self1799